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The Need: Virtually everyone in O&P has had the experience of an insurer refusing to pay because you couldn’t demonstrate that a specific device is more effective than some other treatments. We recognize that O&P is playing catch-up to other fields in having outcomes research and evidence-based guidelines/research to support what we do. Huge resources allocated in the stimulus package for comparative effectiveness research serves to underscore the need.

The 2016 Pilot Research Winners have been announced:

  • Walter Lee Childers, PhD, MSPO, CP, Alabama State University, “Stumble recovery mechanisms utilized by people using different types of microprocessor knees”
  • Kenton Kaufman, PhD, PT, Mayo Clinic, “Risk factors and costs associated with secondary health conditions of individuals with above-knee amputations”
  • Staci Shearin, UT Southwestern, “Impact of Carbon Fibre AFOs on gait and resulting changes in quality of life across time in persons with PD”
  • Nicholas LeCursi, CO, Becker Orthopedic Appliance Company, “Relative influence of orthotic support features within an open frame AFO versus a total contact AFO on function, endurance, and activity level in patients with spastic equinovarus secondary to chronic stroke”
  • Ignacio Gaunaurd, PhD, MSPT, University of Miami, “Utilizing an innovative Timed-Up-and-Go test for fall risk detection in people with unilateral lower limb loss”
  • Sai Vikas Yalla, PhD, Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science, “Activity Based Quality Life Assessment to Compare Prostheses with and without Microcontrollers in Transfemoral Amputees”
  • Shane Wurdeman, PhD, MSPO, CP, FAAOP, Hanger Clinic – Department of Clinical and Scientific Affairs, “Improved mobility with lower limb prostheses: the establishment of a national multi-site outcomes database”
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